What are the benefits of chiropractic care?

Our chiropractic care will be of benefit whether your daily physical activity is walking the dog, riding your bike to school, taking a yoga class, hiking a trail, training for a marathon, or maybe you haven’t found a daily physical activity yet. No matter where your activity level lies, we’re ready to get you out of pain and to find an active care plan for you. Keeping your muscles, joints, and tendons healthy and strong contribute to a pain-free, uninjured body. 

What are the benefits of seeing a Webster Certified chiropractor during pregnancy?

Seeing a Webster certified chiropractor during pregnancy is safe and highly beneficial for both the mother and the baby. The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that improves pelvic function and mobility. This can allow for a more comfortable and safer pregnancy, labor and delivery. It can also help with common pregnancy symptoms such as back pain, sciatica, and round ligament pain. By ensuring that the pelvic area is moving properly, it can help to provide the necessary space that the baby needs to grow and develop. Additionally, studies have shown that receiving regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can lead to shorter labor and delivery times and a reduced likelihood of interventions like cesarean sections, forceps, or vacuum extraction.With a Webster certified chiropractor, mothers can have the assurance that they are receiving gentle and customized care during this precious time in their lives.

What do I wear when coming to Fortitude Performance Chiropractic?

Be sure to wear comfortable and loose clothing that will not interfere or get in the way of the tratment you are booked for. For most cases, shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt or tank top suffice. If you are coming to us directly from an activity where your clothing causes discomfort, we offer a variety of apparel for patients to borrow, including shorts, gowns, and t-shirts.

What IS a chiropractic adjustment?

Motion palpation is used to assess the motion of a joint, either in your spine or extremity joints, to determine areas of hypo-mobility or restrictions in movement. A minimally invasive, low amplitude-high velocity impulse is often used in both the spine and extremity joints where indicated. The result of an adjustment is an increase in range of motion and a decrease in pain in the local area of where the adjustment occurred. The “popping” sound commonly occurs which is the formation and release of a gas bubble due to the quick stretch of the joints of the surrounding area.

Our favorite analogy is to compare joints to the hinges of a door: if a door has not moved or is not moving optimally, it may squeak, creak, or fail to open or close properly. Similarly, our joints may not be moving as efficiently as they should, leading to popping, clicking, pain, or stiffness in the surrounding areas. In such cases, we often apply a bit of lubrication, in this scenario that would be a chiropractic adjustment, (as one would apply WD40 to a door hinge) to improve joint mobility and function.

How are treatment plans structured?

We DO NOT sign up patients up for a long-term, expensive treatment plans. We believe that each individual is unique and requires personalized care.

  • We will create a customized plan for what treatment should look like over the next couple of weeks, taking into account your specific needs and goals.
  • Following this initial period of care, we will conduct a re-examination to evaluate your progress and determine whether the treatment plan needs to be adjusted.
  • We will work closely with you throughout your care to ensure that we are providing the right treatment at the right time, and that your care plan is tailored to your individual needs and preferences.
  • Our focus is on YOU, and we are committed to providing high-quality, patient-centered care.
  • That is why we charge per individual visit.

We do offer 10 and 20 visit packages that can be used at your own pace, providing a flexible and cost-effective approach to care. Our packages are designed to save you money while offering customized care to meet your unique healthcare needs and budget. 

Pricing And Insurance

At the moment, we are not in network with any insurance companies. 

We accept all major credit cards, FSA, HSA, and can provide superbills to patients through email upon request for those who wish to submit to their insurance.

The business model that is necessary for an insurance-based chiropractic office does not support the treatment model that we follow. 

Insurance companies tend to reimburse less than is billed. Therefore, a higher patient volume is required. A higher patient volume means less time is spent with each individual patient (Ex: 5-8 minutes). We do not agree with our patients receiving this type of sub-par care as it is not supported by research and most commonly not effective. 


What To Expect For Pricing

Our visits are 30-60 minutes long - allowing ample time to provide the highest quality diagnostics and treatment for each individual. When spending more time with patients, we often do not have to see them as frequently and see longer-lasting results. A self-pay-based practice allows our doctors to be fully present and provide one-on-one care with the doctor for that full 30-60 minutes.


Initial Examination & Treatment (60 minutes) - $175

Follow-up (30 minutes - this is our most common follow-up appointment) - $85 

Follow-up (45 minutes) - $125

Follow-up (60 minutes) - $175

Pediatric Initial Examination & Treatment (30 minutes) - $65

Pediatric follow-up (15 minutes) - $55 (When seen with a parent, established pediatric patients are a $10 add-on)

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